Lifelong Learning Foundation

We are a non-profit foundation whose main goal is to nurture quality and equal educational opportunities for everyone. Our foundation projects and activities are funded by our Resorts, Plantations, and Educational activities. For more information, please click on the foundation link above.


Koh Mook Riviera Beach Resort

Located on the idyllic island of Koh Mook - Trang, situated on a powdery white beachfront setting, the
fourth resort: built in 2011 with a total of 42 rooms, utilizing energy saving materials (solar reflective
insulated roofing, UV reflective windows and doors, energy efficient electrical lighting and appliances).
Ecofriendly policies of recycling and waste disposal management. Staff sourced from local community.

Haadyao Nature Resort

A budget friendly hostel for Backpackers (23 rooms), ideally placed near the seaport of Haadyao Pier
 (ferry to nearby islands). Built in 2000, this resort was the first starting point in the hospitality industry.

Libong Nature Beach Resort

A hidden gem in the lost island of Koh Libong - Trang, in a serene and natural setting with a mountainous
backdrop and beachfront setting, built in 2002, the second resort using a more spacious and green design,
built by the local inhabitants, 12 individual bungalows, simple but lasting architecture. The beach with
lava rock formations gives life to corals and marine life. Libong Island is also the sanctuary of the near
extinct Dugongs (Sea Cows). Wildlife safari trips to see the Dugongs and Migratory birds are best seen
around the seagrass beds around the area.

Nature Farm Resort

After the devasting Tsunami of 2004, our third resort was built, as a hideaway far from the islands and coasts.
Situated in our Oil Palm Plantations, 20 bungalows dotted around a freshwater lake. Local attractions nearby
include waterfalls, numerous caves, nature trails and hot springs (within Trang / Krabi).
Pakmeng Casuarina Cottages

This future development project with plans to begin late 2017, A boutique resort with contained semi-duplex
cottages suitable for familes, couples, groups - equipped with cooking / laundry facilities within the 'houses'.
Numerous restaurants nearby, Located within a few metres of Pakmeng Beach.
Eden @ Libong

Proposed construction to start mid 2018, situated on the hills just behind Libong Nature Beach Resort.
Self contained luxury pool villas, utilizing ecofriendly and energy saving technologies.

Trinity Montessori Academy & Bilingual School

An International Standard Bilingual School (English and Thai), situated at our Nature Farm Plantation / Resort.
The schools is a project by the Lifelong Learning Foundation, to promote and nurture education for all.
School fees are subsidized by our Foundation and the Government. 

The English Clinic 101 - TOEFL Examination Centre @ Bangkok

Nature Farm Plantation

Located at Khuan Khun, Sikao District, Trang. Our Oil Palm Plantation (approx 300 rai) is RSPO certified
(Sustainable Palm Oil). Chemicals Fertilizers have minimal use, using Oil Palm Factory by-products as natural
fertilizers, Weed killer use is minimized - opting for tractors to maintain the plantation.